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It is an honor to show some of the kind feedback we have received from parents, players, and coaches. Your support is what keeps Next Star going.

Paul Torres is OUTSTANDING:  as a coach, mentor, friend.  He teaches not only soccer skills, but also life lessons.  His passion and finesse have turned our son from a good player to a great player who desires more.  Within six months of training with Paul, our son was moved from the 2nd tier team to the first tier team at his soccer club.   Paul is a tough coach who practices what he preaches.  He raises the bar for everyone in the soccer community.  He trains his kids to perform at a professional level, and his technical skills are second to none.  He has been worth every penny (and more).  Paul is very special. If your child has the drive, look no further for an exceptional training experience.

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Potomac, MD

In a word – Exceptional!  Paul Torres is a true professional on every level.  As a professional soccer player, a successful entrepreneur, and an outstanding coach and person, his credibility, professional attitude, and personal skills are apparent in everything he does.  He brings energy, enthusiasm, and purpose to every training session, and he keeps his students engaged, focused, and striving to excel.  He teaches the critical technical skills and invaluable insights necessary to bring your game to the next level.  He offers hands on training and personal plans to guide you through training on your own which can have a significant impact on your player’s game.  In addition to teaching his students, he educates parents as well.  He maintains constant communication and provides both training and game play evaluation.  As a parent of a student myself, I am extremely impressed with Paul and have personally seen the impact his training can have on a players’ soccer intellect, vision, awareness, fitness, and skill development.  He explains the how’s and why’s of his training to parents as well as his students.  His approach allows his students to consistently grow and develop.  Paul’s training shows in a player’s ability to make split second decisions, to play with greater confidence, and to make sharp touches, passes, and shots.  Paul is totally committed to the success of his students, and we enthusiastically look forward to continuing our work with him.  He is an effective soccer trainer, amazing mentor, and so much more.  Thank you Paul!!!


Bethesda, MD

Over the past three months, I have used Paul to supplement my twin boys club training.  During that time, I have seen a remarkable transformation in one and steady improvement in the other.  My one son is now confident with his ball-handling, passing and shooting skills and the other has improved in his decision-making skills.  Over the past games, his training sessions has manifested in two confident and significantly better players.  In addition, my boys look forward to their sessions, as they not only learn a great deal, but have fun.


Bethesda, MD

Coach Paul has figured out a way to take his internationally recognized soccer skills and coach kids in a patient yet masterful way.  He works closely with both parents and the kids to target skills they currently possess and want to achieve so goals can be accomplished.


Bethesda, MD

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